Do you have original visual ideas?

Designers make for the eye; they initiate, collaborate and make visual responses. Design is a process of germination, gathering different media and ideas to create a visual aesthetic and meaning. The skills and practice are applied to screen work as well as live performance and events. We weave our work alongside that of a director, writer, deviser or performer.

The Bachelor of Design (Stage and Screen) is an undergraduate degree producing film and theatre design practitioners. We aim to build creative artists who are independent thinkers and innovative practitioners, equipped to work in New Zealand and internationally. We maintain strong links with experienced design practitioners, keep our projects flexible and our class sizes small to create a diverse group of individual self-motivated designers.

Download a copy of our 2014 design information here.

The Bachelor of Design (Stage and Screen) degree program aims to:

  • prepare students for design careers in stage and screen through a combination of practical studies and critical thinking
  • investigate live performance and screen through an examination of the process of design.
  • experience, test and examine the role of the designer as collaborator and creator.
  • examine possibilities which occur in the interaction between stage and screen with a view to future developments for design in performance.
  • create a diverse range of designers, who individually know their strengths and vision.

Design students benefit from working alongside students of directing, acting, entertainment technology, performing arts management and costume construction. Through sharing premises with NZ School of Dance, and having a key relationship with The Film School, student designers also have opportunities to collaborate with contemporary dance and film students.

Successful Graduates

Even though the course is less than ten years old, the School has already produced some of New Zealand’s most successful theatre, television and film designers, including many Chapman Tripp Theatre Award winners, a Junior Creative Producer for TVNZ, the set dresser for Outrageous Fortune and a model maker for The Hobbit. Check out more of our successes here.

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