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Technicians, at their best, are innovators and problem solvers. They are able to see, read the variables and use their technical skills to create. Relationship is key to this: the ability to relate to others, to proactively communicate ideas to a team to develop work.

Applications for entry in 2015 open on Monday 5th of May and close on Friday 10th of October. For information on how to apply click HERE

The Diploma in Entertainment Technology is a two year programme designed to provide students with competency in a range of technical production areas, leading to employment in the performing arts industry as lighting, sound and audio-visual designers and technicians, technical operators, venue mechanists and touring technicians.

Download a copy of the entertainment technology pages from our 2014 prospectus here.

Toi Whakaari has graduated many of New Zealand’s theatre and event technicians, who have worked as lighting and sound designers and technicians for such organisations as the NZ International Arts Festival, Taki Rua Productions, Park Road Post and Downstage Theatre.

The wide range of assessment tasks required of Entertainment Technology students encourages self motivationĀ  and a flexible approach to work situations. Because most of the work occurs in a collaborative environment, students will learn leadership skills and the ability to work as part of a multi-discipline performing arts team.

Toi Whakaari technology graduates can:

  • integrate technical, planning and organisational skillsĀ to support a collaborative approach to performance projects.
  • demonstrate a basic ability to analyse production and technical problems and synthesise creative solutions to them.
  • demonstrate respect for cultural differences and an ability to embrace cultural diversity in the performing arts.
  • demonstrate a practical and theoretical understanding of technologies used within the performing arts,
  • demonstrate an understanding of the craft, the collaborative nature, the skills and the competencies required in all areas of performing arts production.
  • develop procedures and systems for working within the production process,
  • demonstrate the ability to co-ordinate aspects of the production process,
  • communicate and negotiate with a broad spectrum of performing arts practitioners.
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