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In performing arts, every production has a different working model; this requires stage and production managers to be adaptable, flexible and skilled at leading teams through a creative process. Understanding all aspects of the craft and being able to empower people to work to their strengths is key.

Applications for entry in 2015 open on Monday 5th of May and close on Friday 10th of October. For information about how to apply click HERE

Toi Whakaari’s Bachelor of Performing Arts (Management) programme provides students with a broad foundation for careers in performing arts and events management, leading to employment in production and stage management for a wide range of genres: opera, dance, music, theatre, festivals and live arts events.

Download a copy of the management pages from our 2014 prospectus here.

The three-year Bachelor of Performing Arts (Management) was instituted in 2004 and is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

Toi Whakaari has graduated many of New Zealand’s performing arts managers, who have worked in organisations such as Capital E National Theatre for Children, Cirque du Soleil, Taki Rua Productions, NZ International Arts Festival, Auckland Theatre Company and the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony.

Toi Whakaari management graduates can:

  • integrate leadership, planning and organisational skills to support a collaborative approach to performance projects.
  • demonstrate an ability to analyse production problems and synthesise creative solutions to them.
  • demonstrate respect for cultural differences and an ability to embrace cultural diversity in the performing arts.
  • demonstrate an appreciation of the various management structures within the performing arts,
  • forecast financial requirements and projections for production projects,
  • develop effective financial management strategies based on the direction and objectives of a project or performing arts organisation,
  • develop procedures and systems for monitoring aspects of the production process,
  • evaluate operational processes for performing arts events,
  • demonstrate the ability to co-ordinate aspects of the production process,
  • demonstrate an understanding of the legal and ethical issues related to performing arts production,
  • communicate and negotiate with a broad spectrum of performing arts practitioners, and
  • express artistic vision and objectives to support funding applications, marketing strategies and promotional strategies.
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