Operations Team

Tanea Heke

Tumuaki / Director

Colin Edson

Facilities & Resources Coordinator

Craig Atkins

School Registrar

Fe'ao Katoa

Operations Manager & Co-Producer

Joanne Wakeham

Account Support

Nitika Erueti-Satish

Outreach & Student Services

Sally Keogh

Human Resources

Stacey Fraser-Allen

Executive Assistant to Director

Tamara Aluwihare

Head of Resources


Rebecca Scelly

Partnership & Relationship Specialist

Brianne Kerr

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Charmaine Ngarimu

Marketing Strategist


Kris Wehipeihana

Library Manager

Lisa Hampl



Heather Timms

Director of Actor Training

Anya Tate-Manning

Craft & Creative Practice Tutor

Bert van Dijk

Senior Tutor, Acting (Embodied Voice)

Mitch Tawhi Thomas

Senior Tutor, Live Performance & Industry

Vaughan Slinn

Senior Tutor, Screen & Creative Practice


Grace Ahipene Hoet

Arts Management Tutor & Producer

Natasha James

Arts Management Tutor

COSTUME Construction

Kaarin Slevin

Head of Academics & Costume Construction

Leimomi Oakes

Senior Tutor

DESIGN for Stage & Screen

Emma Ransley

Head of Design

Brian King

Senior Tutor, Design

Charlie Draper

Design Tutor

Sam Trubridge

Senior Tutor, Design

SET & PROPS Construction

Francis Gallop

Head of Set & Props Construction

Jason Parlour

Set & Props Tutor